What is caller id spoofing

Caller id spoofing is the ability for one to hide his or her number when calling a foreign number, as a way of protecting your identity. It requires one to use a specific server and a program, that allows you to manage and edit the number however you want it, hence a cool way of protecting yourself from anonymous calls from numbers you are not aware of. This service is very common with big companies, and those who do not like to reveal their identities and numbers to foreigners.

Although some people tend to manipulate this service for their own selfish gain, it is of much help to those using it to protect their businesses. However great this service can be to your mobile phones, you need to know that, you should at not any one time use this service to do any wrong, or manipulate people by stealing someone, else’s identity, as it is punishable in a court of law. The only time you are allowed to use caller id spoofing, is when you are not sure of the other end, or the person you are calling, and want to protect yourself from harassment from the same. These are the only times when you can use this service to call other people.

In addition to this, caller id spoofing does not come free of charge, as users have to pay for the service in advance, while at the same time stating the amount of time he or she needs to spend on the service. Once you have paid for caller id spoofing, you also need to state the number you would like to hide your id from, so that the service provider can take note of the same and have the number in their systems.

To use this service, you will need to dial the service number first, to activate the service, and then dial the projected number. When you do this, then the service becomes active and the user you are calling will get an on screen display of the number or name you want them to see. This helps best in protecting you, as that use will not be able to send or call you at any time.

Most of the companies that do use caller Id spoofing are broadcasting corporations and other service providing companies that do not need you to call them. Other companies that have made a huge progress in using this service are prank companies, whose work is to make fun of other people, and have them look stupid later on. It is very hard for one to notice and know that someone is hiding his identity through spoofing, except when you attempt to call that number yourself. Whenever you try to make the call, then the phone will tell you that you have made an empty entry, thus you cannot call back at all.

If you are running a big company and want to control the number of calls that come to your desk, then you can employ this tactic and service.  The moment you start using this service, then you will notice it importance to the community, and will find it useful in times to come.