CallerIDFaker Review


If you want to make an anonymous call to other people, and have an android phone, then you can use the caller id faker app to fake your caller id and make anonymous calls to your friends and any other person you would like to prank. The good thing with this application is that, as long as you have an android phone, then you can make as many prank calls as you want, and enjoy the fun in taking people for fools and obtaining all the information you need.  If you think someone is cheating on you, or do not want to make your number displaying on a new number you are about to call, then you can use the caller id faker appto call the persons, and never have to worry about the other person obtaining your phone number

What makes the caller id faker app a must have?

There are many attributes that makes calling from this application a completely much better, then take a peek-

Record option– this is an optional feature incorporated in this application, as it makes it possible for you to record a conversation. All you need to do is click on the record button, and you will be able to record everything you say or the other user says, free. You can use this feature to record conversations, in case you think the conversation might bring in some controversy in the future.

Voice changeover– this option allows you to change your voice and even sound like the other sex you want hence you are able to cover your tracks completely. If you are a woman, and would like to sound like a male then you only need to click on the man button and the voice on the other end will be that of a man.

Ability to input your preferred number on the fake id– this is what spices up your prank call.  This application makes it possible for you to edit and input a number of your choice and be able to call with it. If you make a call with the number you have inputted, then the other user will see it just as you have placed it, hence they will never know who really called them up.

Cons about this application

Although this application seems to be cool, there are some downfalls that you might notice when you use the same.

Offer’s limited minutes in the first call- although this application appears to be freely available to the online marketplace, it is actually not.  It only allows you to make 2 minutes freely, meaning that in case you want to make a longer call, then you will have to purchase what they call spool credits to continue enjoying the services. This means that you will have to pay twice for a single call, which is not cool at all.

Only uses android phones. This application is limited only to the android enabled phones, meaning you cannot use it with your iPhone or a low range mobile. This means that you need to have an android enabled phone to make use if the application.