Covert Calling Review

Phone privacy is one of the most anticipated things in the world today, as many people want to live a simple life, free of anonymous calls from intruders. This has led to most people looking for ways in which they can withhold their caller identity, and be able to live a stress free life. Covert calling is a service, that allows you to get just that, as it gives you an opportunity to hide your phone number from the people you are calling, and gives you the immunity of not having to transmit any of your personal numbers to people you do not know. Some people and companies have found this service to be of much help, especially for those who live on call spoofing as a way of keeping intruders away.

What makes covert calling important?

Untraceable calls– this is the main aim of using covert calling, as it gives you a service, whereby you can never be traced when you call someone, hence increasing your security and privacy via phone. The only thing that is transmitted when you use covert calling, is the desired name or number that you want the person on the other end to have.  Most people prefer using their names, or fake numbers when calling people via this service, as it is livelier and does not raise any suspicions at all.

Call record option– calling someone with a number withheld is against the law in some US states, this you need to take a protective measure when using caller spoofing.  If you are using covert calling, and would like to make the best out of the same, and do not want to go against the rules, then this service gives you an option of recording your conversations with whomever you call.  The good thing with this service is that, whenever you record a conversation, the file is saved in your phone, hence available whenever you need it. Most people prefer uploading the file to secure servers, where no one can tamper with it.

Voice changeover– if you want hide your tracks when using call spoofing, then it is important for you to make sure you hit the voice change over option. This option gives you a chance to switch the tone in your voice, making you sound very different on the other end of the phone. With this feature enabled, then you will never have to worry much about exposing your identity.

What makes this service hard to use

As explained in the first paragraph, some American states prohibit the use of caller spoofing, and one can be prosecuted if caught using the same. This means that, if you live in these states, then you will never have a technical way of hiding your phone number, making your life more vulnerable to vultures. The other disadvantage of using this service is that, you will need to buy credits for any call you place under the service, hence a costly way of making calls. Apart from these, the service is good in keeping you and your private life secure.