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Feel interested in playing a prank to one of your best friends through phone calls? Maybe you can try some features of Spoof My Phone, giving you a great opportunity to fake your caller id, voice and background situation. Never thinking about it before? Has the idea of disguising yourselves through phone calls never crossed in your mind? Well, it’s time then. Continue reading

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Sometimes, coupon code hunting can be a really fun thing to do before weekend starts; as people tend to spend their money on weekends. But remember to always stay on the ground. That say, do not let your greed control you. Try to always put your priority at where it is supposed to be, including your need to keep in touch with whoever you get in your contact list. Continue reading

Maskmynumber Review

Caller Identification masking or spoofing is the process by which a caller causes the mobile phone network supplier in suggesting to the call recipient that the caller is placing a call at a location which is entirely different from real original location. For example, the phone of a masked or spoof phone call receiver will show a caller ID that is different from the caller’s original caller ID or phone number. The term is sometimes used in describing some situations in which the intention of the caller is termed as malicious. Caller masking has been available to people for several years now; private investigators, Law enforcement agencies and officials and collection agencies utilizes this practice with varying legal extent. Continue reading

Spoofmyphone Review

Caller Identification spoofing is the act of causing the telephone network provider to suggest to the call receiver that the caller is at a station or location different from real originating location. For instance, a caller identification display may display a particular phone number that is different from the true telephone number from which the outgoing call was made. caller spoofing has been attainable to people for years now with special digital connection to the phone company, called Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). Law enforcement agencies and officials, collection agencies and private investigators have utilized this practice with various extent of legality. The first popular caller identification spoofing service was launched around September 2004 by Spoofcard.com. They offered the first service in allowing spoofed calls to be made from the web interface. Continue reading

Zyxel 2000W Wireless SIP Phone Review

What is it?

It’s a wireless SIP hardphone! Horray, let’s hope it’s one more of many to come. Cost: about £120 to £180 inc VAT in the UK. You can also buy it from e2Save. Using an e2Save voucher code, you can get the price down a lot. Expensive as a straight DECT replacement, but it does eliminate the cost of buying a SIP to PSTN adaptor (£90) and the added complexity of devices like the Sipura 3000. Continue reading

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Today, he PC threats and malicious programs have made the life of technologists very difficult. It is no longer possible for the computer users to ignore the protection and safety methods. Among the best computer protection programs and applications, the name of Avira antivirus is famous. It is not a new name for the computer users. The people who have been using the protection methods and programs know the importance and significance of this software. Nowadays, the software has obtained a basic level of recognition in the world because of the numerous benefits. It is necessary to find the reviews and comments in order to see what are the views of users about the Avira antivirus coupon code. For this purpose we have done an exercise for the users. Let’s find the top reviewers in order to see how Avira antivirus helps the people to stay protected from the danger. Continue reading

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The voice over IP helps to make and to receive the calls for the broadband and internet connection without using the traditional phone line. With the VoIP, the voice is turned into data packets and it is transmitted by the use of public internet and not over the private IP network. If you call the landline or the cell phone, then the data packets will be converted into the regular telephone signals so that the third party can listen into it. Continue reading