How to hide your phone number from caller id

You can hide your phone number from a person’s caller id, and be able to protect your privacy in many ways. However, for you to make this possible, then you need to be in possession of a GSM mobile phone, and one that is active and working well. If you already have this in place, then the next step, is knowing how to handle the phone, and make the right dials to enable the ‘hide identity’ feature. If you are outside the US and UK, and would like to hide the identity of your phone from the rest of the world, then you can follow the following simple steps.

If you are looking ahead to hiding your phone number on only one phone number, then there is no need for you to program the phone to hide identity to all the numbers that you have. The only thing you will need to do is dial *31# followed by the number you want to hide the caller Id from. This way, the handset and mobile service provider will know that you are trying to your identity; hence, the receiver of the call will only see a private call. Depending on the phone model you are using, you can also chance your tone voice altogether.  This is the only way you can hide your identity from some people, especially people you think might use your number to mistreat you.

The other methods you can use to hide your phone number, is contacting your service provider directly, and have them integrate the service with your line. However, for this to be possible, you will need to be ready to sign an agreement affirming that you will not use the service to break the law, and that you will be questionable in case you use the same to extort other people. Although it might take some time for the service to process your request, this is the simplest, and least expensive service you can use to hide your phone number from the rest of the world. Most companies prefer using this option as a way to hide their phone numbers, in the name of protecting their businesses, hence an option you too can make use of.

The other most advanced way of hiding your phone number, is by the use of a spoofing service from third party companies. This service allows you not only hide your phone number, but also displays a foreign number to the people you call, and have the ability to change your voice and tone. This makes it the best service to use, especially if you are trying to give a prank call on someone you joke around with. Using these servicescan be enjoyable; while at the same time, could land you to trouble, especially if you infringe the rights and laws that bind you. Anyone trying to use these services for his own selfish gain is liable to prosecution in a court of law. This means you only need to use these services when you are sure you are trying to protect your own privacy and life.