How to fake your caller id when calling

People have their own reasons when they look for a way of hiding or faking their caller ids. Most people will look for a way to fake their caller ids in many ways and intention, with the most common one being the intention to protect your identity. Other people fake their caller ids in the quest to ‘burst’ a cheating spouse. As long as one is confident of why he or she wants to hide his caller id, then there are many ways of making the same possible.

The first and easiest way of hiding your caller id, is ensuring you use an active line that uses a GSM sim card. Most phones holding these sim cards have an option in the caller settings, which allows you to hide your identity when making a call, thus a cheaper way of faking your caller identity. This method is not very secure, as you might not be able to fake your voice although you have hidden your identity.

Faking your caller identity entails you changing even your voice. This means that you will need to use a service that allows that, hence a reason why you might need one. If you are using a smart phone, then it is easier for you to hide your caller information, than a person who is not using one. With your smartphone, you can download a hide identity application, that you can install in the same phone and help you hide your caller information from wherever you are. Since some spouses like tracking their other ‘halves’, then this application sends a cheat code, notifying the other user of a fake location and id of wherever you are, thus making it harder for them to track you. When you make a call, you need to activate the same application, and then set it up to your own preference on how you want the other user to see your id. Some people go to an extent of changing their voices and tones, thus making them to sound a lot more different than the actual person.

You can also fake your caller id by using third party services like spoofing services. These services make it possible for you to make calls to people of your choice, while hiding all your information from them, hence you will be able to get what you need from them. The only thing that makes spoofing more advanced is that your voice passes through a system, which transforms and recreates it the way you want it, thus making it harder for the other parties to identify you. Big companies and security institutions use this service as a way of securing their identities, and preventing their contact information from being dispatched to the wrong people.

One thing you need to know for sure is that, whenever you activate a spoofing service in your phone, then no one can track you, and you will appear invisible to anyone who tries to track you down. This is the reason why you need to have a conscious mind when you ask for this service, as it can act as a barrier to finding you in case something happens to you and you need to be located digitally.