How to hide your phone number when calling

Although you might not notice it, you can hide your caller id from some people, as a way of protecting your identity and denying some people from having your number. Most people like to hide their numbers when calling new numbers, and ones that they are unsure of their owners. Many people stay out with their phones without knowing how to hide their identity when calling, hence a reason why they receive many anonymous calls at a time. If you are tired of receiving calls from unknown persons and numbers, then you can move ahead and block numbers other than the ones you have in your phonebook, or better still hide your id when you are calling someone new.

For you to hide your caller identity, then you need to make a few adjustments on your phone and tell it how it should respond when you make a call. Most mobile service providers provide you with an option of blocking your identity from the people you call, though you do not get to edit what the other user sees on the screen. The first thing you need to command your phone or sim is setting it to hide your identity when you make a call every time. This setting can be applied in the calls settings, then following the profiles of your call menu, though this greatly depends on the make and model of your phone.

Once you have set the phone to hide your identity in your cellphone, then you can move ahead and make anonymous calls to anyone you feel like, and feel protected as they will not have a copy of you number when you clear up with the call. The only downside with hiding your caller id with your phone is that, whenever you make a call, the other user will see a private number displayed on the screen. The higher chance of your call being rejected is very high, as not many people will be ready to accept any call that comes with a ‘private’ mask on the screen.

If you want to hide your caller identity the professional way, then you can search for spoofing services from other service providers worldwide. There are many companies offering these services, and all you need to do is make a request for the service. If you are wondering how spoofing works, then here is how. You are first required to pay per the minute you spend on a spoofed call;hence, you need to get ready for some extra charge. Once you have paid for this service, then the company flags your number with a random number or name, that does not exist, as a way of protecting your privacy. Whenever you make a call to any number using your phone, then the other users will see the generated name of number on their screens, making it harder for them to trace it back to you. There are other spoofing service that allows you to even chance the pitch and sound of your voice, hence making it harder for other people to identify your voice.