How to hide your phone number when texting

There comes a time that you wish that a text you are sending out to someone is private and they do not get to have a clue as to who sent it. When such a time comes up, then the need to find a way to hide your contacts from being received on the other end will be essential to know. One thing though that is certain, is the fact that a phone can never hide your information and number in the case of texting. In most cases a phone can hide only the caller identification and no the text contacts, thus has made it hard for people to text anonymously and not be identified.

One great thing to note however, there is a way that has come up that helps you hide your contact information while texting. This new hide-my-contact while texting solution has been presented for those using smart phones. Smart phones like the iPhone, Samsung galaxy, etc.;those that can be loaded with apps are more suited to attaining the anonymity one wishes to have. The option you are looking at here is one that uses an app loaded on to the phone, which can do the task of hiding your identity for you.

These apps are specially created to take up the information you send as a text and then hides your contact information while passing the text message to the intended recipient. How this app works is one of the latest technological advances, which has been helping those that seek obscurity while passing information. The case of anonymity may be wide and with different reasons behind the motive of each individual.

For one to start sending out text messages that have hidden contact information, then the first thing they may have to do is to go online and search for the apps that offer such anonymity. These apps are not that hard to locate online and are usually at a small fee to download and use. The good thing though is that it does what your needs are, and that is being invisible. Once downloaded, then the next important step is to, install the program on the phone.

What the app actually does is; once you have written and are ready to send the message, you have to specify whether it should go anonymously. With this option, the message is first sent to online sites that offer the app service, and the message then gets shadowed. Here, the message is forwarded to your intended recipient as written, but the site then takes away or hides the contact information about your phone or who has sent the message. The recipient on the other side will then not know who sent the text or see any contact information on the text message.

This service is only available for those with smart phones, especially which can use bar codes to get apps such as this. However hard it may seem to send private messages from your phone, this is one solution that will work for you quite well. Another way of getting to send private messages is to go online and find free text messaging services that are offered on different sites.