How to hide your phone number on a android phone

An avid android user will be happy to say that these smart phones are more than just a phone. They are better that just that and are now offering so much more in information and communication technology. The world has become more technologically savvy, with more and more people getting in tune with the changes being made in the communication sector. One thing though, as people communicate, there comes a time that you may need to hide your identity when making that call or texting someone. This may be due to many reasons, but what ever the reason be, hopefully with good intentions, the need to know of how to go about the hiding your identity will be of importance.

Using an android phone offer you more than one option of hiding your caller id. This is because, with the smart phones, there are more and even better ways to do just that without having to block your caller id to all other outgoing calls. We’ll get to that later, but first what is the main way of hiding your caller id from your android?

Well, the first, main way you can go about doing just that is through blocking your caller id from showing through your phone. You can go straight to your phones settings on the android, where you find the call settings. From the call settings, you will then have to look for other additional settings under it, depending with the phone make, type and model. The specific search should be for caller id options, and once you find this option, you can then go ahead and prompt the phone to hide your contact information for all outgoing calls.

This option makes sure that all outgoing calls made from your android, are anonymous to the receivers. This way they do not get to know who calls, and get an unknown number id showing on their phones. It,however, blocks your identity to all outgoing calls and not specific ones. For you to activate it, you just have to go through the same procedure and make it active once more. There is another option that you can still use to hide your identity when making single calls. This option involves the dialing of some extra digits before the actual number you wish to call. The numbers are usually characterized with the * and #symbols before and after given digits, and these digits will vary with different network providers and countries.

The other possible option is to install user apps, downloaded on the internet, to block the details. The beauty of android smart phones is that they have thousands of applications, the apps, which one can use for many different needs. Now, there are apps that enable you to hide your caller id when calling someone. By installing one of these apps, like the hide my id android app, you can then get to block your number from being received or seen by the recipient on the other end. The good thing is that, with the app you can get to choose who you wish to call anonymously, then activating it for the call.These android apps are quite plenty in the market right now, and finding one is easy. Some of the apps cost some cash but not much, while other are free to use.