How to hide your phone number on a blackberry phone

If you have a blackberry, and would like to know how to hide your phone number on your outgoing calls, then, you have several options that you can use to make the same possible. The first thing you need to know, is that, for you to make that call, then you need to know your phone, and be able to see all the settings in the same. Some people find a blackberry very hard to use, as  it has so many commands that can confuse most people. All you need to do to hide your phone number in a blackberry phone is first checking in your call settings, and seeing if the send caller id is active. If your phone allows sending your caller id to anyone you call, then you can edit the same and make the calls private to you.  Once you have located the caller id settings, then edit them to hide caller id. This means that, from the moment you set the caller id to private, then any call you make will be masked as private.

As you will notice it, masking your calls to private might be irritating to some people hence you might need to unblock the service when calling members of your family or friends. This calls in for another hide my phone number neither service, which will not irritate your family and friends, nor anonymous calls that you might have to make in the future.  This means you will need to use spoofing services, which make it possible for you to hide your phone number, and display a name of your liking on the other persons screen when you call them.   Most companies and especially the big companies use this service, as it allows them to edit the number that is displayed in their client’s phone screens, thus easier to introduce themselves first. You too can enable your blackberry to use the spoofing services, mask your phone number with your name, and never have to leave prints of your phone number in the other persons screen.

One thing you will need to know about masking your phone number is that, for one, you can mask your phone number by using your mobile service provider, where you request the company to hide your phone number from any calls you make. You can also ask them to mask the number to a specific phone numbers alone, while excluding a list that you provide to them. If you are not ready to use the phone number spoofing services from third party companies, than using your mobile operator services to mask your number is the only choice you have.

The good thing with hiding your phone number from other users is that you will have a more private life, and never have to worry about receiving anonymous call s from people you do not know.  This is very recommended, especially for celebrities who have many people in the backs, and people whom they do not know at all. No matter what type of phone you are using, you can have this service with your sim card, and live a stress free life.