How to hide your phone number on an iPhone

It is very possible for you to hide your phone number thorough your iPhone, thanks to the advancing technology. You can now hide your phone number, and make anonymous calls to as many people as you want, and never leave footprints of having called them in any way.  If you are using an iPhone, then this is very possible, as you can hide your caller identity with your phone from wherever you are, and enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about your phone number being dispersed anyhow by people.  When using your iPhone to hide your phone number, you can either use the phones internal settings to hide your number, or better still make use of applications and services that make the same possible.

If you want to use the setting in your iPhone to hide your caller identity, then here is how you can go about the same. The first thing you need to do, is browse through the phones call settings, and see if you can locate caller id notification. Most people prefer using this feature, as it gives you all the immunity you need when making a call, and you never have to pay anything while using this setting. Once you have located the setting, then set the ‘send my caller id’ option off, then save the changes.  Some phone models require you to reboot the device before the settings can take effect, thus it would be advisable for you to switch your phone off, then on again to make the settings effective. With this done,  you can make a test call, most preferably to a buddy near you, to see if the settings are working and active. This is the safest, and fastest way of hiding your caller id, especially if you doubt a number you are about to call.

The other ways in which you can hide your caller id with your iPhone, is paying a visit to your phone service provider, and ask them for the service.  This is mostly possible especially if you make many anonymous calls, and do not want to be called back, at least not when necessary.  When you visit your gsm service provider, they will ask you to sign some papers binding you from using the service to extort people of information, and also give them a reason why you need the same done to your phone. Once they have cleared your application (takes up to 3 days), then you will have your sim card registered and running under the anonymous call list, hence it will be possible for you to make untraceable calls to your clients. With request, you can also provide the service provider with a proposition on the name you want to be displayed on the other persons screen when you call them, so as to verify your identity to them.  However, using this service might require you to sign a contract with the service provider; hence you need to be sure of what you are about to do before you can apply for the same.