How to hide your phone number on Facebook

Just recently, Facebook announced that it would be able to protect you and your data from malicious people, and requested every user of the same to make sure he or she ensures that all the personal information, which can be traced back to the user, is made private.  In short, what Facebook administrators meant is that, you are your own boss;hence, you need to make sure you handle all the private information and disclose it only to the people you love and trust. Some of the information at stake here is your phone and personal number. As long as you can hide your phone number and other sensitive information from other Facebook users, then you can term yourself and information about you to be secure.

The first need you will need to do, to make your account provide, is by editing your security details in Facebook. To do this, you will need to log in to your Facebook account, and then go to your profile, then settings and privacy.  In the privacy settings and tab, you will need to edit how your account is visible to other Facebook users. You can start by editing the people who can view your profile on the outside. For increased security in your Facebook account, and information posted about you, then make your account visible to your friends alone.This will protect your account from people who are not your friends from viewing your information, leave alone what you post in Facebook.

With this done, then you can go ahead and make changes in your timeline, (that is if you still use the same), and make it visible to your friends, and friends alone. This makes your Facebook account less visible among other Facebook users;thus, you will have an enhanced security in the account. You can also opt to hide your Facebook details and personal information to specific people, and people you can trust. Some of these things include your date of birth, age and e-mail address, to name but a few. As long as you have limited visibility on Facebook to your friends alone, then your account will be less and less vulnerable to hacking.

When it comes to hiding your phone number from other people, you will need to make a decision here. If you really trust your friends, and do not have an issue with them viewing your number, then you can allow them to view your number in the privacy settings tab. For security reasons, you might need to hide your phone number to yourself alone, and only give it out to people you trust manually. Hiding your phone number will entail you, to set the privacy to your contact information to “me” alone.  The other security feature you need to integrate in your Facebook profile is denyinganyone from posting or tagging you in any way. Some people, especially hackers use applications to find your personal information, and the moment you allow the application to access your personal info, then you are fried. All these can be done in the privacy and security settings too.