Itellas Review

Many people have witnessed to having their calls tapped and listened to, thus making their lives a hell on earth. This is becoming the norm of the day, thus making it very hard for people to live a private life. All these have made many people to be worried on how they will be able to communicate with other people, and still lead a life free of the public hearing. With all these concerns being brought in book, most people have decided to make an exception of subscribing for caller spoofing services, which will enable them make calls privately, without anyone having to listen to what they talk and say.

The app world has also made a point of ensuring that you also get your privacy when making calls.  There are applications that you can use to make private calls, which cannot be traced by anyone, and makes you change almost everything in you while making the call. One of the applications cum service is itellas. This application makes it possible for you to make private calls to your friends and family, without the need for you to caller up mobile service provider.  This application also comes packages with a 3 minute trial call, that you can call a number of your choice as trial, to see if the application works. Most who have tried this application say that it is on point, and executes all the changes you make on the go.

Here are a few features that you8 should expect when using the itellas application.

A number of your preference- itellas gives you the opportunity to assign a default number or name, which will be displayed on the phones of the people you call. You can choose to input your first name, nickname, or afavorite number that will be displayed on the other people’s phone when you call them. When you make a call via this app, you will get confidence in that, no one can trace the number back to you, hence these people  cannot call you back not unless you want them to do so. This is all what most people are looking for, as there is no private life anymore.

Change voice ability and record option- when you install this application in your phone, then you will have a greater chance of hiding your identity, as you will have an option to change your voice and sound like a different person. This option is very useful especially if you have to call someone who knows your voice, and you do not want him or her, to know it was you.  You can make the most out of these calls, as you can place prank calls on your friends, and get to know what they think of you.

However cool this application seems, it has some limitations, as we will list them here. The first limitation to using the app is the fact that it can only be installed in an android enabled phone, hence making it harder for other phone users to use the same. If you want to use this application, then you will need to use an android phone.