SpoofApp Review

With the advancing technology, and many smart phone applications coming in place, one can find almost any application that suites his or her life, and be satisfied with the same. As the technology advances, so does that of hackers, hence making the world of online and offline threats a major concern with most people. There are people out there who are out to eavesdrop and misuse your phone number the moment they get it, hence a reason for many people to be concerned.  This has made  application developers to come up with an application that make it possible for you to make spoof calls, and leave not traces of your personal number on the other end. This application is really helping many people into controlling who has their personal numbers, hence a reason why you too need to get one. This application is known as the spoof app.

What makes the spoof application worth?

This has been a major question on many people’s mind, as they do not know what the app can do to their lives. Here are a few of the benefits that you get when you install the spoof app in you android phone.

Make private and anonymous calls– when you install this application in your phone, then this application makes it possible for you to make anonymous calls to anyone you want, without them identifying you, nor your voice. The application gives you an opportunity to change your output number, hence make it harder for the person you are calling to make out the number. When the user tries to make a call to you using the output number you had placed, then the call cannot go through as it was self-generated. This is the main thing in making use if this application, as you will only have the people you trust with your personal number.

Change your voice– this application makes it possible for you to change the tone of your voice, hence making it harder for people to identify you easily. With this feature, then you will never have to worry about people getting to identify you by voice, hence a better way of calling people you do not want them having your phone number.

Record capability– as long as you are making a fake call, you will need to make sure you have evidence of what you told the other person, just in case they go to a court of law. This is the reason why the developers of this application made it possible for you to record conversations made through the application. With this in hand, then you can present the evidence to any court of law, and prove yourself to be innocent, just in case someone wants to pin you down.

Cons about this application

Unlike other spoofing services, this application can only be used in an android enabled phone, meaning other mobile phone users cannot use this application. The other down side on using this application is the fact that you might need to by credits to have an exclusive use of the application.