SpoofCard Review

Many are the times when we feel like returning a call, and never leave prints of the same. These times come especially if you have to call an anonymous number, that you are not sure of and are not sure whether to place the call or not. Most people do not know that they can actually hide their number when placing a call, hence make a private call to numbers that they do not trust. If you are not ready to receive a call from numbers you do not know, then you can make use of caller spoofing to hide your identity, and get what you need. You can use a coupon code to get the cheapest price. Other people who have realized the magic in spoofing calls have taken it to the next level, by using spoofing services to protect their personal lives. This is the easiest way you can make your call private, without making the other party suspicious when they see your call.

What does a spoofcard do?

Now that you have known what call spoofing is, then we are going to talk about the capabilities of the same. For a start, you need to know that, if you want to use spoofing services on your phone, then you might not have to install anything in your phone, as most of the companies offering the same service gives you an ability to use any phone to make an anonymous call.

When you register for a number spoofing, then you will be required to buy what we call spoofing credits, which you will be required to use in case you want to make an anonymous call. These credits can only be bought by the use of a spoofcard, which contains a pin number giving you access to the service.

A spoofcard gives you the ability to customize your number however you want the people you call to see. With this in hand, then it is possible for you to place a prank call on anyone. Most people prefer replacing their actual numbers with a name, which appears on the person you are calling instead of your number being displayed in the same.  The good thing with this capability is that, when you hang up the call, then the other caller cannot reach you, however they try, as no number will be in their phones, only your desired name.

The other great thing with using a spoofcard is that you can record calls for your own reference, or security reasons too. Most people who place prank calls on their friends and family record the same, just to keep the moments alive. All you need to do is buy a spoofcard, and maximize the time you have on your friend or people you do not trust having your number.

However good this service seems to be, there are some limitations that come with the same. For instance, if you live in the United States, then you should know that some states do not allow caller spoofing, and you could be prosecuted if you attempted the same. This means you will first need to make sure you know your laws before trying anything out just yet.