SpoofTel Review

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, that you felt that you did not want to make a call to someone, just because you never wanted them to have your number? Most people are afraid of giving their number to strangers, as they are afraid for identity theft, and would like to live a free life, free of running or annoying calls. It sometimes sounds and seems rude to call some people with a number withheld, as many people will not pick calls from callers withholding their phone numbers.  This the reason why there has been an up rise with spoofing services, that makes it possible for one to transmit a name, instead of a number, hence making it possible for one to make private calls, without worrying about being called back. Spooftel helps you to get just that, as it makes it possible for you to hide and transmit only your name to your callers, hence a reason why you need the same.

There are many features that come with spooftel, as we will discuss it in this article. Some of the features that you will enjoy when you use spooftel include:

Make anonymous untraceable calls– when you sign up for a spooftel service, then you get the chance to make anonymous calls that can never be traced to you, as the calls pass through asynchronous servers, that makes your call untraceable. This means that, you can live a private life, while having a peace of mind, in that you will never receive calls from unknown persons. This service helps protect your private life; hence you can have all the time you need with your loved ones, thus making it a major requirement on many people’s lives, especially celebrities.

Recording capability– there are times when you are forced to make calls to people whom you do not trust, or people whom you consider a threat to you. When these times come, then you need to make sure you get a copy of what they say to you. Spooftel makes this possible, as it has a feature that gives you an ability to record live conversations via your phone, and save the same in your phone, or upload it to a secure server. These services makes it easier for one to trace anyone misusing your call identity, hence a reason why you might need to use the same if you think your life is under threat.

When you use this application, you will notice that you can change the tone of your voice, and sound like you were of the opposite sex. Most people find it easier using this service, as by the touch of the button, you can change your voice in a way that the person on the other end cannot identify you. This is a cool feature especially for couples who have doubts on each other.

The only limitation to using this service or application, is that some states consider it a crime, and one could be prosecuted if found using the service, this means you will need to know your state’s laws before you can make a prank call on your friends.