Telespoof Review

Telespoof is a company that has helped many other companies and businesses’ to go anonymous when making calls, hence making their mode of operation swifter.  Most high ranking companies like using numbers that cannot be called back, as a way of securing their identities, and ensuring that there is a safe and conducive environment altogether. If you are running a business, and would like to make your telephone calls private to you, as a mode of avoiding phone disruptions from anonymous calls, then Telespoof is available for you.  This company ensures that you are invisible in the telephony environment, and only can make calls to the people you desire to call, with them not getting a chance to call you back.

Who can use this service?

Big businesses and corporates– As cyber hacking becomes a nightmare in many corporates’ world, most companies are afraid of people disclosing or eavesdropping to their business calls hence the need for a spoofing service. You might have noticed that whenever an institution, like universities and big companies, make a call to you, it is the name of the company that comes on your screen, even if you had not saved the number in your phone. When you try to call the number, then it becomes even harder for you call, as there is no phone entry to direct you to the intuition. These are some of the services, whichTelespoof provides to the big companies, as a way of protecting their mobile identity.

Police departments and crime scene investigators– some institutions need a distinctive number or name, which people can recognize and know the services offered by the same. Most certified crime scene investigators have their phone numbers and lines spoofed, in a way that, whenever they make a call, then it comes with their signature on to your screen. This is a way of saving the officers time to explain their intention, as they will get to the point at once. Most of these institutions use services from Telespoof, as a way of safeguarding themselves from the public, and distinguishing themselves from the rest of the world. This services also safeguards’ the officers from anonymous calling from the public, hence they can concentrate on the matters at hand and give excellent service to the public.

These services come at a cost, as Telespoof has to maintain its servers and pay its workers. At a small fee, you can have your number under spoofing, thus making it possible for you to make anonymous, untraceable calls from whatever location you are in, and continue hiding your identity.

Nevertheless, there are some downsides in using these services. Some American states do not support the use of telespoofing, especially to the citizens, and the service is only available to big and registeredcorporates. This means that it might be harder for single persons from gaining access to these exclusive rights, thus making them more vulnerable to hackers and other malicious people in the community. If you want to spoof your call, then you might need to might have to use the hide identity in your phone alone, other than a spoofing service.